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62443001R1009L0 Feasibility study of evaluation framework for 20 years Thai Health Promotion Foundation Jomkwan Yothasamut, PhD.

Validation of results:95%

63351001RM001L0 Evaluation of the Health Promotion in Health Service System Plan (Plan 12) of the Thai Health Promotion Foundation Jomkwan Yothasamut, PhD.

Conducting Research:36%

61053002R1029L0 Service availability and readiness assessment of cochlear implantation and rehabilitation services in Thailand Pritaporn Kingkaew, PhD.

Conducting Research:70%

61323002R1023L0 Review of health benefits packages under the Health Insurance Card Scheme for migrants in Thailand Thanaporn Bussabawalai

Validation of results:80%

59002017R2021L3 Budget Impact, output and outcome analysis of Thailand national antidote project Assist. Prof. Thanjira Jiranantakan

Validation of results:90%

61413030R1035L0 Cost-utility analysis of tocilizumab use in the treatment of systemic juvenile idiopathic arthritis (SJIA) Nitichen Kittiratchakool

Validation of results:71%

61313002R1026L0 An analysis on access to National List of Essential Medicines category E(2) Chutima Kumdee

Scoping and protocol development:33%

62031030R1003L0 Cost-utility and budget impact analysis of disease-modifying therapies for relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis Pritaporn Kingkaew, PhD.

Validation of results:90%

61103002R1017L0 The Development of the Third Thai Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Guideline Songyot Pilasant

Conducting Research:37%

61123-002R1-011L0 Feasibility study and economic evaluation of HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis Roongnapa Khampang, PhD.
Naiyana Praditsitthikorn, PhD.

Conducting Research:36%

61353041R1024F0 Cost Analysis Study of Key Population Interventions to Fast Track the End of HIV in Thailand Songyot Pilasant

Conducting Research:36%

- Mathematical and economic modelling for optimal strategies to screen and treat chronic hepatitis C virus patients using novel antiviral agents with cost-effectiveness and budget impact analyses in Thai setting Dr.Wirichada Pan-ngum

Conducting Research:40%

61073002R1016L0 A study of access to and feasibility of rehabilitation counseling for people living with disabilities in hospital Suradech Doungthipsirikul

Scoping and protocol development:28%

61063 002R1 009L0 Economic evaluation and feasibility of PET/CT service in Thailand Witthawat Pantumongkol

Scoping and protocol development:20%

60003 036R1 120L0 Monitoring and evaluation of Thailand’s global health initiatives Jomkwan Yothasamut, PhD.
Pattara Leelahavarong, PhD.
Sripen Tantivess, PhD.

Conducting Research:70%

61013036R1001L0 Systematic review and economic evaluation of unhealthy food advertisement intervention on television Rukmanee Butchon, PhD.

Conducting Research:36%

60023011R1124L0 Quality standards for health promotion and disease prevention services in Thailand: phase II Roongnapa Khampang, PhD.

Validation of results:90%

60003 010R1 122L0 Development of proposals for revising the health screening and health benefits packages of migrants in Thailand (Phase 1) Thanaporn Bussabawalai

Conducting Research:47%

60013 028R1 123L0 A study on the introduction of community-based preventive interventions for fall and dementia in the Thai elderly Wantanee kulpeng

Conducting Research:43%

143 118 2560 Return on Investment of Ending TB Strategies in Thailand: a Cost-Benefit Analysis Dr. Chawetsan Namwat
Suthasinee Kumluang