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61053002R1029L0 Service availability and readiness assessment of cochlear implantation and rehabilitation services in Thailand Pritaporn Kingkaew, PhD.


61323002R1023L0 Review of health benefits packages under the Health Insurance Card Scheme for migrants in Thailand Thanaporn Bussabawalai


59002017R2021L3 Budget Impact, output and outcome analysis of Thailand national antidote project Assist. Prof. Thanjira Jiranantakan

Validation of results:90%

61413030R1035L0 Cost-utility analysis of tocilizumab use in the treatment of systemic juvenile idiopathic arthritis (SJIA) Nitichen Kittiratchakool

Validation of results:71%

61313002R1026L0 An analysis on access to National List of Essential Medicines category E(2) Chutima Kumdee

Conducting Research:40%

62031030R1003L0 Cost-utility and budget impact analysis of disease-modifying therapies for relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis Pritaporn Kingkaew, PhD.

Validation of results:90%

61103002R1017L0 The Development of the Third Thai Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Guideline Songyot Pilasant

Conducting Research:37%

61123-002R1-011L0 Feasibility study and economic evaluation of HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis Roongnapa Khampang, PhD.
Naiyana Praditsitthikorn, PhD.

Conducting Research:36%

61353041R1024F0 Cost Analysis Study of Key Population Interventions to Fast Track the End of HIV in Thailand Songyot Pilasant

Validation of results:97%

- Mathematical and economic modelling for optimal strategies to screen and treat chronic hepatitis C virus patients using novel antiviral agents with cost-effectiveness and budget impact analyses in Thai setting Dr.Wirichada Pan-ngum

Conducting Research:40%

61073002R1016L0 A study of access to and feasibility of rehabilitation counseling for people living with disabilities in hospital Suradech Doungthipsirikul


61063 002R1 009L0 Economic evaluation and feasibility of PET/CT service in Thailand Witthawat Pantumongkol

Validation of results:72%

60003 036R1 120L0 Monitoring and evaluation of Thailand’s global health initiatives Jomkwan Yothasamut, PhD.
Pattara Leelahavarong, PhD.
Sripen Tantivess, PhD.


61013036R1001L0 Systematic review and economic evaluation of unhealthy food advertisement intervention on television Rukmanee Butchon, PhD.

Validation of results:80%

60023011R1124L0 Quality standards for health promotion and disease prevention services in Thailand: phase II Roongnapa Khampang, PhD.


60003 010R1 122L0 Development of proposals for revising the health screening and health benefits packages of migrants in Thailand (Phase 1) Thanaporn Bussabawalai

Conducting Research:47%

60013 028R1 123L0 A study on the introduction of community-based preventive interventions for fall and dementia in the Thai elderly Wantanee kulpeng

Conducting Research:43%

143 118 2560 Return on Investment of Ending TB Strategies in Thailand: a Cost-Benefit Analysis Dr. Chawetsan Namwat
Suthasinee Kumluang


10-3-116-2560 Assessment of Capacity Building of Member States of WHO South-East Asia Region in Global Health Songyot Pilasant


14-3-121-2560 Cost analysis of stigmatization and discrimination reduction package in health care settings Suradech Doungthipsirikul