Pitchawee Aksonchuen

Pitchawee Aksonchuen started work at HITAP on June 1, 2021 as coordinator. She graduated with a bachelor's degree with first class honours, in English ...Read more

    8 June 2021 | 286

    Chayapat Rachatan

    Chayapat Rachatan position project associate. She graduated a bachelor's degree in Politics and International Relations from Thammasat University. She ...Read more

      2 March 2021 | 313

      Dian Faradiba

      Dian Faradiba is Project Associate at HITAP International Unit, the Ministry of Public (MoPH), Thailand. Dian holds a MSc on medical epidemiology from ...Read more

        26 November 2020 | 733

        Praewa Kulatnam

        With a background in international relations and economics, Praewa Kulatnam develops expertise in working with public and private organizations during ...Read more

          25 June 2020 | 629

          Aparna Ananthakrishnan

          Aparna Ananthakrishnan is an Overseas Development Institute (ODI) Fellow at the HITAP international unit. Prior to joining HITAP, Aparna assisted with ...Read more

            6 February 2020 | 973

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