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Five minutes with…Dr. Yot Teerawattananon, Project Founder of NCD Prevention: Best Buys, Wasted Buys, and Contestable Buys

We grabbed five minutes with Dr. Yot Teerawattananon, the founder of the NCD Prevention: Best Buys, Wasted Buys, Contestable Buys book, to find out just what inspired this project.

So can you tell us more about the background of this book project?

YT: It was initiated during the PMAC’s IOC [International Organizing Committee] meeting. You can find further detail on our website [https://www.buyitbestncd.health/  ] 

Great! What inspired the catchy title ‘NCD Prevention: Best Buys, Wasted Buys, Contestable Buys’?

YT: I have seen a lot of people discussing Best Buys in healthcare when seeking to promote investment in health but, at the same time, I have found great waste in healthcare spending in many countries and this is often overlooked. So, I wanted to send a strong message that health investment can go either way with the hope that it will remind policy makers to be more cautious when making health investment policy and also highlight need for evidence-informed decisions.

Who is the book primarily targeting?

YT: All who want to see impact from health technology and don’t want to waste health investment!

I see so what makes this book different than other books?

YT: There are only a few books promoting best buys but at the same time, informing readers that wasted buys are also common in NCDs prevention. The book gives a fair and realistic view of health investment and demonstrates the difficult and important task of policy makers in making decisions on health investment in NCD prevention and beyond

 And finally, can you describe the book using 3 words?

YT: A Must Read!

The NCD Prevention: Best Buys, Wasted Buys, and Contestable Buys book will be launched a month today on 12th December 2019 (UHC Day). To find out more about the project please visit https://www.buyitbestncd.health/ and stay tuned for more insights with book authors, editors, and reviewers in the coming month.

12 November 2019

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