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HTA workshop in India on 3-5 October 2019

HITAP in collaboration with the Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research (JIPMER) is hosting a health technology assessment (HTA) workshop on 3-5 October 2019.

In this workshop, the participants will learn:

  • What is HTA?
  • How can the value for money of a health intervention be shown?
  • How can an economic evaluation be conducted?
  • How can the results of an economic evaluation be interpreted?
  • What is the role of economic evaluation in policy decisions and clinical practice?

The workshop is designed for researchers who would like to build capacity to conduct HTA and decision makers and clinicians who are interested on how HTA and economic evaluation are conducted including how to appraise and utilise the information.

This workshop can accommodate 35 participants. Those who are selected will be contacted through e-mail.

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26 July 2019

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