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[Webinar] The story is far from over: Lessons learned from COVID-19 policies in Asia and Africa

The story is far from over! Join us in the upcoming session on “Lessons learned from COVID-19 policies in Asia and Africa” and meet the experts who will be sharing research findings from studies conducted in Kenya, Singapore and Thailand, and to discuss lessons for application of research to policy.

🌟 Dr. Somsak Chunharas, President of the National Health Foundation of Thailand
🌟 Prof. Edwine Barasa, Director of KEMRI – Wellcome Trust Advisor, Africa CDC
🌟 Prof. Teo Yik Ying, Dean of Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health, National University of Singapore

🌟 Jamaica Briones, National University of Singapore
🌟 Stacey Orangi, KEMRI – Wellcome Trust
🌟 Dr. Lou Jing, National University of Singapore

Together with Dr. Dimple Butani from HITAP_Thailand as the moderator

Date: 7 July 2022 (Thu)

Time: 11 AM-1 PM GMT+3 / 3-5 PM ICT / 4-6 PM SGT / 8-10 PM GMT

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17 June 2022

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