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HTAsiaLink 2022: Early Bird Registration is Open!

We are very pleased to announce that the 10th HTAsiaLink Annual Conference is now open for Early Bird Registration and it will be happening in Pattaya, Thailand at Royal Cliff Grand Hotel from 30 Nov – 2 Dec, 2022!


With COVID-19 still hitting hard, treatment and epidemiological paradigms have been challenged and changed. New innovations and approaches to health system optimization and disruption, such as big data, real-world evidence, etc. become more prominent. In the new normal, health technology assessment (HTA) is more needed than before to ensure the continued sustainability of healthcare systems in 2022 and beyond.

This conference will explore the role of HTA in the new normal and how better health can be achieved through evidence-informed decisions with sessions such as:
– Pre-conference sessions/workshops on methodological tools, COVID-19 research, dissemination of research findings from HTAsiaLink network
– Plenary 1: Reimagining the Post-COVID Health System and HTA
– Plenary 2: Accelerating the Impact of Real-World Evidence in the Global HTA Community
– Plenary 3: Searching for the Holy Grail Solution for Our Health Systems: Are Disruptive Technologies the Answer?
– Oral/poster presentations by researchers in Economic Evaluation, Health System Research, Data Science, Evidence synthesis, and more
– Networking opportunities with the world-renowned HTA and health system experts and HTA agencies from Asia and the Pacific region

HTAsiaLink is a network of HTA research agencies in Asia and the Pacific regions. HTAsiaLink Conference is held annually and is open to all network members to attend without any registration fee. For more information on the network, please visit www.htasialink.org

About the Call for Abstracts, it is highly encouraged for researchers in your organization to submit completed or ongoing research studies and deliver oral presentations at the conference. About the Call for Pre-conference Sessions, All HTAsiaLink members are invited to propose hosting pre-conference sessions at the 10th HTAsiaLink annual conference. Members can also host the sessions together with collaborators such as HTAsialink MoU partners or your development partners. Please share this information widely and note that the submission deadline is Aug 30, 2022.


CONFERENCE REGISTRATION: https://www.htasialink2022.com/


More information about the Call for Abstracts

More information about the Pre-conference Session


Should you have any questions, contact us at [email protected] or [email protected] at any time.

7 August 2022

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