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Empowering Ghana’s Path to Sustainable Healthcare: HITAP’s HTA Capacity Building Workshop in Ghana

On 2nd – 6th October 2023, HITAP hosted a topic selection workshop and communication training for relevant HTA stakeholders in Ghana, with the support of the Access and Delivery Partnership (ADP).  

This workshop was held with the aims to increase awareness of health technology assessment (HTA) and its potential in Ghana, developing a research proposal focusing on ESRD in Ghana’s setting, strengthening collaboration for HTA institutionalisation between Ghana and Thailand, and experience sharing to foster HTA communication to support the HTA implementation process in Ghana. 

Over the five-day event, participants from a wide range of entities, ranging from Ghana’s Ministry of Health, HTA Secretariat and Technical Working Group, National Health Insurance Authority, universities, and major hospitals, among others, delved into topics like the selection process and criteria for choosing HITA topics, HTA communication techniques, economic evaluation proposal development, and hands-on exercises to apply newfound knowledge. 

This signals a promising future for Ghana in building HTA capacity and achieving a sustainable healthcare system. We eagerly anticipate future collaborations as we continue this impactful journey.  

Notably, this visit represents the second phase of a two-part collaboration, with the first phase involving Ghana’s delegation visiting Thailand from December 5th to 9th, 2022. For a closer look at Ghana’s HTA journey, check out this video: 

Find out more about this workshop: HITAP – https://www.hitap.net/en/documents/188124  

1 December 2023

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