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Sitaporn Youngkong

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Adun Mohara B.Pharm, M.Sc.(Health Economic)

Dr.Rob Baltussen

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Validation of results - 74%

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Publish date24 November 2011 01:01

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The abundance of various innovations in healthcare (pharmaceuticals, medical devices, interventions, individual and community health promotion and disease prevention as well as a social health policy) have been continuously used in the healthcare system, resulting in a higher demand for resources and budgets in disease prevention and healthcare. The resources and budgets of the country cannot invest in health technologies and policies to meet the demands of all the people in society. There is also a limitation on reliable information and unclear policy decisionmaking so that the health resource allocation in many countries (including Thailand) often is carried out on a case-by-case basis or based upon the former pattern and the individual viewpoint of policy makers. The objective of this research is to attempt to understand the similarities and differences in giving preference to the issues used in decision-making from different viewpoints, and to collect opinions in criteria applied in making an appropriate health care decision for the development of decision-making frameworks. The aim is to be able to establish a reasonable policy and strategic plan with transparency and fairness based on evidence for the investment in the healthcare system of Thailand.