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Patsri Srisuwan

Co - Researcher

Sitaporn Youngkong

Lily Ingsrisawang, PhD.

Det Kedicham Ph.D

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Completed - 100%

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Publish date12 December 2011 10:11

Project Summary

This project aims to propose an additional and unified screening package for the Thai population, building upon that offered already by the UC, which will be useful to allocate resources more efficiently and reduce the inequity gap among the three insurance scheme beneficiary groups.   
1. To prioritize diseases  for screening  based on available local data and expert opinion
2. To select screening selection criteria and develop criteria scoring system fit in Thai context
3. To assess screening tests  whether they meet the criteria to be included in the screening package 
4. To make recommendations relative to the establishment of  population-based screening programmes (but excluding feasibility issues)