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Usa Chaikledkaew, PhD.

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Sitaporn Youngkong

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Publish date4 January 2012 09:51

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Although HITAP strictly follows national HTA methodological guidelines, questions over the good governance of research arose from a lack of formal process guidelines. Therefore, HITAP embarked on the development of HTA process guidelines in 2011. International guidelines were reviewed in order to develop a conceptual framework, with the aim of connecting the principles of good governance with particular steps of HTA processes through specific mechanisms (see Figure). Several staff and external stakeholder meetings were convened to validate and refine both the principles and mechanisms encompassed in the framework. Both the framework and stakeholder involvement proved useful in developing fit-for-purpose guidelines. Finally, the wide dissemination of the guidelines is planned through both printed and electronic media, targeting a broad range of stakeholders (e.g., policymakers, healthcare insurers and professionals). To conclude, these guidelines are expected to provide both internal and external benefits, ranging from a better understanding of and trust in the organization to efficiency improvements and greater consistency. Also, they may be helpful for researchers and policymakers from other organizations in Thailand and in other settings interested in establishing HTA systems.