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27-3-108-2559 (6)

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Start: 15 October 2016
End: 30 June 2017


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Completed - 100%

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Publish date1 July 2020 11:55

Project Summary

In September 2016, Bhutan Ministry of Health (MOH) approached HITAP to provide support to conduct an economic evaluation study to introduce PCV in Bhutan. With regards to the request, WHO Bhutan funded 4 of HITAP staffs (3 researchers and 1 project associate) to help conduct the study. This collaborative work between MOH, HITAP and WHO has a work plan in which there will be 3 visits. The first visit was to finalize the proposal and coming up with a clear methodological plan. The second visit was to help research team for data collection, and in addition to these visits, after helping the team with data collection, Bhutan researcher team will visit HITAP for data analysis. The last visit will be for participating in the stakeholder consultation meeting in Bhutan after which the final comprehensive report will be finalized.

Project’s Aims
  • To conduct the cost-utility analysis of vaccination with PCV10 or PCV13 compared to no vaccination
  • To estimate the budget Impact of Introducing PCV Vaccines
  • Project’s Output
  • To determine whether introducing PCV in Bhutan is good value for money or not
  • Comprehensive final report
  • Policy Brief
  • Manuscript