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Start: 1 October 2016
End: 30 September 2017


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Completed - 100%

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Publish date1 July 2020 12:01

Project Summary

The World Health Organization (WHO) requested HITAP to provide technical assistance to the Ministry of Health and Sports (MoHS) in Myanmar to complete a closure assessment of two health financing schemes under the GAVI Health Systems Strengthening Support (HSS) program. The study will apply a multi-pronged approach comprising a document review, a self-assessment form, analysis of existing data and a household survey. The study is expected to provide feedback to policy makers for improving this program as well as informing similar initiatives in the country that may be modeled on its design.

Project’s Aims To examine the impact of the GAVI HSS program’s health financing schemes.

Project’s Output
  • Technical reports
  • Workshops
  • Mission Reports
  • Documents