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Publish date14 September 2023 12:48

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The rapidly evolving healthcare landscape is being shaped by cutting-edge technologies such as big data analytics, digital advancements, and genomics, leading to the emergence of Precision Medicine (PM). National genomics programs worldwide are embracing PM's potential, signaling an imminent integration into healthcare systems.

However, PM interventions have considerable costs, fueling an ongoing discourse on their economic value to patients, society, and governments. To rationalize resource allocation for R&D and healthcare reimbursement, a comprehensive health economic framework, encompassing both 'early economic evaluation' and 'traditional economic evaluation,' is essential.

Ensuring the accuracy and consistency of economic evaluations is pivotal. Addressing methodological challenges requires the establishment of reference cases (RC) that provides standardized guidance for the planning, execution, reporting, and assessment of economic evaluations. Building on previous work by research teams from National University of Singapore and Health Intervention and Technology Assessment Program (HITAP) that performed a systematic review of cost utility analyses as well a narrative review of methodological recommendations for conducting economic evaluations on PM a beta reference case for PM was developed (PM-RC)

In order to receive feedback on this developed PM-RC and gather knowledge of existing work by different research teams a two and a half-day workshop held from June 28th to 30th, 2023, in Khao Yai, Thailand, organized by HITAP in collaboration with NUS and in support from HSRI and MoPH, Thailand.

Attended by distinguished health economists and clinical experts in Precision Medicine from Singapore and Thailand, this workshop served as a platform to gather valuable feedback on the RC development process and generate interest among CIP teams to pilot their projects in Thailand for testing implementation of developed RC.

This report offers a concise overview of the workshop's key activities, in-depth discussions, and significant outcomes from the stakeholder consultation. The insights received from diverse participant groups will be thoughtfully integrated into the evolving reference case. Additionally, the feasibility and relevance evaluation of each domain and sub-domain on the beta PM- RC by the participants, will act as a guiding beacon for the RC's further refinement.

This document serves as tangible evidence of the continuous efforts dedicated to crafting a robust reference case for Precision Medicine, serving as a foundation for the revision and enhancement of the existing framework. It signifies our commitment to delivering an impactful, standardized approach to economic evaluations, thereby ensuring the responsible advancement of Precision Medicine in the dynamic healthcare landscape.