Project Summary

The policy " One ID card smart hospital" is a government policy from the Ministry of Public Health's Strategic Plan for Digital Health in 2024, addressing point 10 regarding digital health. Its objective is to elevate healthcare services by establishing data linkage across all levels and affiliations of public healthcare units. The aim is to enable convenient, quality healthcare access, reduce waiting times, shorten travel distances, and empower individuals to benefit from their health data for better health outcomes. It allows citizens to choose medical services from all networks, including public hospitals within and outside the Ministry of Public Health's jurisdiction, private hospitals, private clinics, dental clinics, pharmacies, and private laboratories interested in participating in the program. This policy focuses on developing four main systems: 1) a data recording system, 2) an identity verification system, 3) an operational system, and 4) a citizen connection system.

It is essential that it undergoes evaluation to utilize the evaluation results for the continuous improvement and development of the project towards achieving its goals for the effectiveness of the project. The Health Intervention and Technology Assessment Program (HITAP) has been assigned by the Digital Health Bureau to evaluate the aforementioned project. The focus is on achieving evaluation results that can be utilized for the rapid development of the project. The evaluator integrates the concept of Development Evaluation along with the use of the Theory of Change as a tool for this evaluation, given that it is a concept used for evaluation in situations involving complex adaptive systems, like the implementation of the single ID card policy under the current situation in Thailand. This evaluation process requires collaboration between the evaluator and all stakeholders to develop a plan that aligns with the context and can be implemented effectively. Additionally, the rapid evaluation results can be used promptly to improve and develop the project.