Is diabetes and hypertension screening worthwhile in resource-limited settings? An economic evaluation based on a pilot of a Package of Essential Non-communicable (PEN) disease interventions in Bhutan. (2014)

In response to a lack of cost-effective data on screening ...อ่านต่อ

Systematic Review of Economic Evaluations of Preparedness Strategies and Interventions against Influenza Pandemics

Roma´n Pe´ rez Velasco1*, Naiyana Praditsitthikorn1, Kamonthip Wichmann1, Adun Mohara1, ...อ่านต่อ

Factors Affecting Health-Care Costs and Hospitalizations among Diabetic Patients in Thai Public Hospitals (2008)

Factors Affecting Health-Care Costs and Hospitalizations among Diabetic Patients in ...อ่านต่อ

Health-care systems and pharmacoeconomic research in Asia-Pacific region. (2008)

Reference:Tarn YH, Hu S, Kamae I, Yang BM, Li SC, ...อ่านต่อ

Annual report 2015

The use of economicevaluation for guiding the pharmaceutical reimbursement list in Thailand. (2014)

Summary Medicines expenditure consumes a significant proportion of public health ...อ่านต่อ

The influence of cost-per-DALY information in health prioritisation and desirable features for a registry: a survey of health policy experts in Vietnam, India and Bangladesh

Abstract BACKGROUND: Economic evaluation has been implemented to inform policy in many ...อ่านต่อ

The potential of provider-initiated voluntary HIV counseling and testing at healthcare settings in Thailand

Foreword: Health Economic Evaluations in Low- and Middle-income Countries: Methodological Issues and Challenges for Priority Setting


Measurement of Health Outcomes (2014)

Montarat Thavorncharoensap BSc, PhD*,** * Social and Administrative Pharmacy Excellence ...อ่านต่อ

Policy Brief All

Promoting Healthcare Quality for Effective UHC: Thailand’s Trajectory

Policy Brief (Issue 13): Promoting Healthcare Quality for Effective UHC: Thailand’s Trajectory

India, primary Healthcare, Builing Block, Policy Brief

Policy Brief (Issue 12): Primary Health Care: the building block of Universal Health Coverage

India-Information-System-UHC-Health management-Policy Brief

Policy Brief (Issue 11): Health Management Information Systems for Universal Health Coverage

Designing Health Benefit Package, INDIA, Policy Brief

Policy Brief (Issue 10): Designing the Health Benefit Package: The essential component of a successful universal health coverage program

Policy Brief (Issue 9): Using Health Technology Assessment to address inefficient and unequal use of Nilotinib across Indonesia

It is vital to have evidence-informed clinical practice guidelines or ...อ่านต่อ

Infographic All

Recommended Health Screening Packages under Universal Health Coverage

Infographic: Essential elements of health priority setting

Infographic: Recommended Health Screening Packages under the Universal Health Coverage

Research Reports All

Cost analysis of stigmatization and discrimination reduction package in health care settings

The research team owes a great deal of gratitude to ...อ่านต่อ

Research report: Proposal development for the revision of health screening programme as part of the Health Insurance Card Scheme for migrants in Thailand

The researchers would like to acknowledge the help, contribution, and ...อ่านต่อ

Research Report: Developing Recommendation of Payment Mechanisms for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention in Thailand

Research Report: Monitoring and evaluation of Thailand’s global health initiatives

Research Report: A systematic review of complex intervention evaluation studies

Domestic Publications All


Thai Health Technology Assessment Guideline Development

  Keywords: Health technology assessment, Rationale, Guideline development   Please ...อ่านต่อ
TA-development-second- edition-Jmed-2014

Guidelines for Health Technology Assessment in Thailand (Second Edition)-The Development Process

Keywords: Economic evaluation, Guidelines, Pharmacoeconomic   Please follow the link ...อ่านต่อ

Application of HTA Research on Policy Decision-Making (2014)

Sitaporn Youngkong MSc, PhD* * Health Intervention and Technology Assessment ...อ่านต่อ

Measurement of Utility (2014)

Montarat Thavorncharoensap BSc, PhD*,** * Social and Administrative Pharmacy Excellence ...อ่านต่อ

Measurement of Health Outcomes (2014)

Montarat Thavorncharoensap BSc, PhD*,** * Social and Administrative Pharmacy Excellence ...อ่านต่อ

International Publications All

The EQ-5D-5L Valuation study in Thailand

Abstract BACKGROUND: At present, health technology assessment (HTA) guidelines of ...อ่านต่อ

Economic costs of alcohol use in Sri Lanka

Abstract Aim Alcohol related disease conditions are responsible for a ...อ่านต่อ

An economic analysis of chromosome testing in couples with children who have structural chromosome abnormalities.

Abstract BACKGROUND: Structural chromosome abnormalities can cause significant negative reproductive ...อ่านต่อ

Towards the introduction of pneumococcal conjugate vaccines in Bhutan: A cost-utility analysis to determine the optimal policy option

Abstract Background Due to competing health priorities and limited resources, ...อ่านต่อ

Revisiting policy on chronic HCV treatment under the Thai Universal Health Coverage: An economic evaluation and budget impact analysis

Abstract Thailand is encountering challenges to introduce the high-cost sofosbuvir ...อ่านต่อ

HITAP Newsletter All

cover HTAsialink-10-for-web-26_4_2017

10th HTAsiaLink Newsletter: Patient Involvement on HTA

Patient's perspectives can offer great insights into perceived benefits of ...อ่านต่อ

HTAsiaLink newsletter 9th issue: Building HTA: The Road to Organizational Effectiveness and Effificiency

This 9th issue of HTAsiaLink newsletter focuses on “Building HTA: ...อ่านต่อ
Cove HITAP Newsletter ENG

Special English Edition of HITAP newsletter (Jan-Apr 2016) : Priority Setting for Universal Health Coverage

This issue of the HITAP Newsletter offers articles and stories ...อ่านต่อ

HTAsiaLink newsletter 8th issue: Priority setting: the need, the practice, the challenge

HTAsiaLink newsletter 7th issue: HTA To Support UHC

Welcome all of you to the 7th issue of HTAsiaLink newsletter. ...อ่านต่อ

Annual Report All

Annual report 2015


Portfolio Health Intervention and Technology Assessment Program (HITAP)

Annual report 2011

Annual report 2010


Annual report 2009

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HTAsiaLink 2018, Summary, Report, VDO

Summary of HTAsiaLink 2018

Summary of the HTAsiaLink 2018  In 2018, was co-hosted by ...อ่านต่อ

HTAsiaLink 2018 Proceeding Book

A Star in the East: A Short History of HITAP

"A Star in the East: A Short History of HITAP" ...อ่านต่อ

A Terrible Beauty: A Short History of NICE The National Institute of Health and Care Excellence

"A Terrible Beauty is a relatively short account of the ...อ่านต่อ

Policy Brief and Working Paper: Conducive Factors to the Development of Health Technology Assessment in Asia

With Universal Health Coverage (UHC) high on the global health ...อ่านต่อ