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About this cookies policy

This Cookie Policy provides you with the information about various types of cookies and similar technologies used when you visit the website of Health Intervention and Technology Assessment Program Foundation (hereinafter referred to as “HITAP”). This Policy will also explain what cookies are, how they work, why HITAP use cookies and how to delete or disable the cookies for your privacy. You may read our Privacy Policy and Privacy Notice for Website Users along with this Cookie Policy for further information.


What are Cookies?

A cookie is a small file that collects your website browsing information, e.g. date, time, link clicked, page visited, setting information, which is saved on your computer and /or mobile device, e.g. notebook, tablet or smart phone, through your browser when you visit our website. Our cookies will help us to improve your online experience, such as language setting, user identifier, security information as well as measuring the traffic of our online services. However, the use of cookies will not cause harm to your computer and /or mobile device.


How do we use Cookies?

HITAP uses cookies to collect your website visit and registration/login data to help HITAP remember your online behaviors and other setting on the HITAP website. HITAP will use cookie data to improve our website to deliver a more personalized and convenient experience to you. In addition, HITAP may use a third-party cookie to achieve such purpose, which requires the use of IP Address, statistical cookies as well as data linkage.

HITAP uses the 2 types of cookies, which are classified based on its storage nature, as follows:

1. Session Cookies are cookies that last for a session to remember you while browsing the HITAP website, such as your preferred language, then they will be deleted from your computer or device after you leave our website or close your browser.

2. Persistent Cookie are cookies that are stored on your computer or device for a determined period or until deleted. They will help the HITAP website remembering you and other setting/preference on your subsequent visits for a more convenient and faster experience.

HITAP’s cookies can also be classified based on their purposes of use, the types of which are as follows:

1. Strictly Necessary Cookies are essential for functionality of the HITAP website service to enable you to access or use some features of our website as well as remembering the information you previously provided to us through our website.

2. Performance Cookies allow HITAP to recognize user interactions, most visited page of our website as well as analytics of usage/behavior data. HITAP will use these cookie data to improve the website’s performance. However, all information these cookies collect is anonymous and will be used only for a statistical purpose.

3. Functional Cookies allow HITAP’s website to remember choices you make on the setting and will help HITAP providing more personalized features and contents to you, such as your account, username and language.

4. Third Party Cookies are created by other third-party website or social media for cross-site tracking and collecting browsing data from numerous sources, which will be used for data analytics.


How to disable cookies?

You can disable your cookie settings through our cookie banner. However, please bear in mind that disabling cookies may have an impact on the functionality of the HITAP website because certain functions or features of the HITAP website would be restricted or could not work properly.


Third-party Cookies

The HITAP website may be associated with a third-party website or social media, which allows your access to contents and create interactions with others on social media from the HITAP website. These cookies are set and installed solely by the third-party social media or websites, meaning that the services are outside of the control of HITAP, so we recommend that you read and learn more about their cookie policy.


Changes to the Cookie Policy

HITAP may consider amending this Cookie Policy from time to time to be in line with current situations and actual service. HITAP will notify you of the changes via this page. Please make sure that you read and understand such changes.


Contact HITAP

If you have any questions regarding HITAP’s Cookie Policy, please contact us at:

Health Intervention and Technology Assessment Program Foundation

6th Floor, 6th Building, Department of Health, Ministry of Public Health,

Tiwanon Rd., Muang, Nonthaburi 11000

Tel.: 02-590-4549, 02-590-4374-5 or email: hitap@hitap.net


Effective on 1st June 2022


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