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This 9th issue of HTAsiaLink newsletter focuses on “Building HTA: The Road to Organizational Effectiveness and Efficiency”. The issue teases out what it means to have organizational effectiveness and efficiency. We illuminate that effectiveness and efficiency is not limited to the establishment of a single HTA organization, but rather institutionalizing evidence – based
policy decision making process in the setting. Inputting HTA into the policy process is like a jigsaw puzzle that requires time and effort to complete the picture.

In Asia, many countries are now on at the different levels of institutionalizing HTA to support UHC. In the following articles, we bring you stories of institutional arrangements for HTA in
S – E Asia namely the HTA in Malaysia – the first country to pioneer HTA in Asia, and the experiences of the HITAP International Unit (HIU) and ASERNIP–S in facilitating the knowledge diffusion. In addition, this issue features special articles on fostering global links in Horizon Scanning – the story of HealthPACT and an expert interview with HTA guru – Mark Sculpher and
Karl Claxton and more. This issue of the HTAsiaLink Newsletter will not be possible without support from our members – MaHTAS, the Singapore Ministry of Health, ASERNIP – S, HealthPACT. It is our hope that the readers enjoy first–hand accounts of stories from writers in the network. We look forward to more articles and stories from our members and networks to make this newsletter
“a story of the HTAsiaLink.”