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Presentation of Economic Evaluation Results
Usa Chaikledkaew MA, PhD*,**,
Yot Teerawattananon MD, PhD**
* Department of Pharmacy, Faculty of Pharmacy, Mahidol University, Bangkok
** Health Intervention and Technology Assessment Program, Ministry of Pubic Health, Nonthaburi
In Thailand, economic evaluation results are being increasingly used for making health care resource
allocation decisions. To assess the usefulness of economic evaluation information, users of studies such as
policy decision makers or health care providers need to know whether the methods used in the study are
appropriate and whether the results are valid. The quality of previous economic evaluation studies, however,
was quite poor. The objectives of this article are to review the similarities and differences in reporting formats
based on existing reporting formats suggested by published methodological guidelines for economic evaluation,
and to provide recommendations for economic evaluation result presentation for Thai Health Technology
Assessment guidelines. The article presents a recommended reporting format including ten key elements
necessary for economic evaluation techniques. The recommended format will increase the transparency of
studies as well as facilitate comparisons between studies. This may eventually lead to high-quality and
reliable economic evaluation studies available for policy decision making in Thailand.
Keywords: Result presentation, Economic evaluation, Thailand, Reporting format
J Med Assoc Thai 2008; 91 (Suppl 2): S66-73


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