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( 11- 16 November 2013) Health Intervention and Technology Assessment Program (HITAP) researchers and the program leader, Dr. Yot Teerwattananon, made a scoping visit to Vietnam in November 2013. The purpose of the scoping visit was to evaluate the current status of Health Technology Assessment (HTA) in Vietnam and to provide elementary training on institutionalizing HTA. Activities included a training workshop on the principles of economic evaluation on November 12 at Hanoi Medical University, a training workshop on institutionalizing HTA and using HTA to inform policy on November 14 at the Hanoi School of Public Health, and a post-conference discussion to discuss the next steps for HTA in Vietnam was on November 15 and 16 at the Fortuna Hotel Hanoi.


From the visit, HITAP determined that there is some HTA activity in Vietnam that is carried out by research institutes and universities, such as evidence synthesis and economic modeling, but there is great potential for further development of HTA. The next step will involve local and international aid in assisting Vietnam to build capacity in HTA.  

18 November 2013

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