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Chanida Lertpitakpong, M.A.

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Publish date26 November 2011 06:30

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An aim of this study is to describe quantitatively and qualitatively progression and findings from the HTA topic selection process recently developed by HITAP. The process involves potential users of HTA information; namely (1) third party payers (public health insurers), (2) national health care program managers (Ministry of Public Health’s Departments) and (3) HITAP funding organizations. These key players were invited to submit HTA topics. The submitted topics were reviewed and prioritised by HITAP staff. Furthermore, a consultation workshop was conducted that allowed the
representatives from those organisations to provide justifications and altogether prioritize their own list of top ten HTA topics that needed to be assessed in 2007. The priority list made by the workshop participants was then compared with the list made by HITAP staff. Fifty-two topics were submitted from ten organisations. The most popular topics were pharmaceuticals (51%), medical procedures (24%), medical devices (15%) and health policy (10%). Finally, six out of the ten topics selected by HITAP researchers were the same as those made by the representatives from the
public health authorities. Findings from this study illustrate the possibility of making the HTA topic selection process to be systematic, transparent and participatory, this will eventually increase the usefulness and credibility of HTA. In addition, the study emphasizes the notion that HTA should be not seen as the sole responsibility of researchers but that decision makers also need to contribute towards the appropriate use of health technology.