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Usa Chaikledkaew, PhD.

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Publish date25 November 2011 22:35

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Because the quality of cost-effectiveness studies related to the Thai context is still limited, the Thai health technology assessment guidelines have been firstly developed in Thailand for researchers to stimulate the provision of standardized, reliable and good quality information which can be used by policy makers and healthcare personnel for making policy decisions and resource allocation. The Health Intervention and Technology Assessment Program (HITAP) consulted experts from both academic and research institutions across the country to make a concrete plan for the development of the first methodological guidelines for conducting health economic evaluation in Thailand. The guidelines have been approved by the Subcommittee for the National List of Essential Medicines and the Subcommittees for the Development of Benefits and Service System under the Universal Coverage Scheme as a standard reference for their future evaluation. In addition, the guidelines have been widely distributed and published as textbooks and publications in a number of national journals.