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Usa Chaikledkaew, PhD.

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Publish date22 December 2011 04:13

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Following an assessment1 of the core strategies of HITAP carried out by a team of Thai and UK investigators in 2007-2008, at the request of the Thai Health Promotion Foundation, HITAP has initiated a second evaluation, in 2011, this time bringing together a team of UK, Thai and Korean assessors. These recommendations were the result of data analysis, focus groups, surveys and interviews carried out by the evaluators and draw on the discussions during the presentation of the preliminary findings of the evaluation that took place in Bangkok, between the evaluators and the leadership and staff of HITAP and members of its Advisory Group, in November 2011.

The report will be considered by HITAP and, along with a response by HITAP to the reviewers’ recommendations, it will be submitted to external review. The final product is now published and ready for download here.