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Sitaporn Youngkong

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Sutthisa Sommana, B.S. (Geography), M.S. (Geography)

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Completed - 100%

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Publish date21 December 2011 00:17

Project Summary

An aim of this project is to prioritise Health Technology Assessment (HTA) topics.Topic prioritisation process consists of three key principles namely,

1) the entire process and results must be transparent;

2) the process as well as the prioritised list should be reflect benefits of the society; and

3) the participation from multiple groups of stakeholders is an important key for the results to be accepted widely.

In 2012, there were 26 topics submitted to the process.Of these, 14 topics were excluded because some topics were not related to HTA or some have already studied by other organizations.

Therefore, 12 submitted topics were reviewed on the basis of the prioritisation criteria and then presented to a consultation workshop that consisted of the representatives from many organizations.

This allowed the participants providing justifications and altogether prioritise HTA topics. Finally, five out of the 12 topics selected to be assessed in 2012.