Project Summary

The objective of school health services is to promote good health and prevent from diseases focusing on school-aged children. The services are implemented through the collaboration of the National Health Security Office (NHSO), the Ministry of Public Health, the Ministry of Education and the local community. There are four scopes of work: 1) Health education 2) School environment 3) Health services and 4) Community participation. Currently, school health services are a part of the “Health Promoting School Program” undertaken by the Bureau of Health Promotion, Department of Health. This study aims to evaluate the implementation of school health services under the Health Promoting School Program focusing on services provided in elementary schools. The specific objectives are to explore the accessibility to services including general health screening, screening for visual and hearing impairment, dental health and vaccination, as well as the referring process and continuous care. It is also crucial to consider appropriateness of the indicators, conducive factors and barriers that have influenced on the accessibility of the school health services. The output of this study is expected beneficial information to help policy decision makers, advocators and administrators on policy development and strategic planning of school-based prevention and promotion programme.