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Kakanang Tosanguan, BSPs.(Pharmaceutical Science)

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Publish date23 November 2011 01:39

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This study is a development oriented research. The data is collected by participant observation, brainstorming with experts, and a questionnaire asking opinions and the satisfaction from stakeholders attending the meeting of “the prioritization of research topics” on January 22nd, 2010. There was a total of 120 research topics proposed by 66 agencies. Representatives from 90 agencies out of all 247 stakeholder agencies discussed, gave comments, and prioritized research topics. Fifteen research topics were initially selected. The important topics in the first list are: 1) Research topicsin the issues which are most likely to have effect on health, and 2) Research topics related to the healthcare systems. The process and criteria used in the prioritization was supported by (93%) of the participants and they agreed to organize this type of activity again next year.