Usa Chaikledkaew BSc(Pharm), MA, PhD*,**
* Social and Administrative Pharmacy Excellence Research (SAPER) Unit, Department of Pharmacy,
Faculty of Pharmacy, Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand
** Health Intervention and Technology Assessment Program, Ministry of Public Health, Nonthaburi, Thailand

The first HTA guidelines for Thailand included a chapter outlining a set of guidelines on how best to report the findings of health economic evaluations, based on a review of best practice and existing guidelines on the presentation of economic evaluation results from around the world. In this second edition of HTA guidelines for Thailand, the recommendations build on the first edition by using a case study to illustrate how the guidelines can be applied in a real research context. The guidelines propose that all reporting include ten key elements: defining the scope of the study, selection of comparator(s), defining the type of economic evaluation, measurement of costs, measurement of clinical effects, handling time in economic evaluation studies, handling uncertainty and sensitivity analysis, presentation of the results, discussion of the results, and disclosure of funding and authors conflict of interest.

J Med Assoc Thai 2014; 97 (Suppl. 5): S72-S80
Full text. e-Journal: http://www.jmatonline.com