ต้องการข้อมูลเพิ่มเติม ติดต่อฝ่ายสื่อสารองค์กร HITAP

First Step, a program evaluation report, assessing HITAP?s two-year efforts and providing recommendations for further development of HITAP. This program evaluation was conducted by four external evaluators including Prof. John Cairns, Dr. Kalipso Chalkidou, Prof. Paibul Suriyawongpaisal, and Dr. Jirawat Panpiemras. Moreover, Prof. Mark Sculpher and Prof. Karl Claxton were invited to be reviewer for the report.

Experiences and lessons learnt from HITAP development are likely to be useful for other low and middle income countries interested in setting up HTA agencies.

Link: https://www.hitap.net/wp-content/uploads/files/export_files/news/pdf_news/2010-03-11_FirstStep(Eng).pdf

11 มีนาคม 2553

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