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HITAP joins with partners to organize a side meeting on Learning from practice: HTA capacity development across Asia

Since Universal Health Coverage (UHC) is high on the global health agenda, governments of many low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) have pledged to increase health investments in order to offer universal access to essential health services. Health technology assessment (HTA) has been recognized as a necessary tool for setting priorities, but only a few LMICs have accomplished the establishment of HTA systems so far. Asia-Pacific is a region where HTA institutions and networks have been operating successfully in some settings; however, many of the LMICs in the region have HTA systems that are still in very early development.
Decision makers and scholars in LMICs in different parts of the world are increasingly interested to learn about and build upon the successful HTA systems of the Asia-Pacific region and elsewhere. In particular, there is a need for increased understanding of factors that are conducive to the development and sustainability of HTA systems, which is not currently well documented in literature. As such, the Asia-Pacific Observatory on Health Systems and Policies has initiated collaboration between Asia-Pacific HTA organizations, including China, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Thailand, to develop a policy brief on Conducive Factors to HTA Development in Asia.
This panel session will bring together practitioners from HTA organizations in Asia-Pacific collaborating on the policy brief to share the experiences of supportive policies and operational practices that are conducive to the introduction and maturation of HTA in these settings. Topics that will be addressed include the development of individual stakeholders and its linkage to development of institutional capacity as well as policy, the development of networking capacity and the link with policy decision-making, and the key enabling factors for the integration of HTA in the health systems. Researchers from respective institutes in India, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam are also invited to share country’s experiences on the recent efforts for HTA introduction in these settings. The findings from the discussions of this side meeting will be used to produce a practical guide (chapter on recommendations) for the policy brief.

Lotus Suite 5-6, 22Fl., Centara Grand & Bangkok Convention Center, Bangkok

January 26, 2015/ 09:00 – 14:30/ 5.5 hours

Contact person:
Chalarntorn Yothasmutra
Email: chalarntorn.y@hitap.net
Nattha Tritasavit
Email: nattha.t@hitap.net

Side meeting agenda

7 มกราคม 2558

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